The Gist

"I am inspired by your outrageously clever ideas. The layers you create astound me. Today’s sold-out [Saliolum Quest] event just proves there’s a need in people’s lives for nonsensical fun." ~Cheryl T. ... "I thought it was fun and educational. I think it would be perfect for schools or homeschoolers. The whole quest taught me a lot about other countries in an exciting way." ~Abby B. regarding SOPHIA & THE LOST SCROLL ... OmniQuest invites valiant folks of all walks of life to venture off on their own or come together as a group to embark on a crusade. Whether hunting down clues online or completing tasks in person, participants have myriad opportunities to solve riddles that have stymied scholars and relic hunters for ages.

Choose the level of activity that's right for you to get the most out of the experience and contribute to the success of the cause.