Now Questing

Upcoming quests include:
  • $20.20
    RESET 2020
    A local scientist has located a temporal loophole that can take time travelers back one year to reset 2020. Join her online or in person if you have the grit and mettle needed to get through the puzzling experience. {available now}
  • MAY DAY! FAE DAY! - It's the biggest day of the year in the realm of faerie, and Queene Titania is missing. Help find her and save the realm from war! {available again 21 March 2021}
  • HOLY RELICS! - Travel to ancient civilizations in search of lost artifacts. {available 21 June 2021}
  • SUPERNATURALS - Go beyond the veil to bring a wayward being back to the land of the living. {available 21 September 2021}
  • AXE OF PIRACY - Take to the seventy-seven seas in this swashbuckling adventure. {available 2022}
  • JALILUUM GONE ROGUE - Help save omniversally loved (and obscure) holidays before they vanish from memory and existence.

While we've received a number of requests for our inaugural quest, SOPHIA & THE LOST SCROLL OF SAPIENTIAE, questers will have to wait until Leap Year 2024, as it is a specialty activity, created in honor of Saliolum.